What is Communiversity?

Communiversity is a continuing education program committed to providing the residents of Providence Point with opportunities to expand their knowledge of the world and stretch their intellectual and artistic horizons.

Since 1985 the program has offered a wide range of small, informal (non-credit and non-graded) classes in an atmosphere in which students and faculty interact as peers.  During each 8-week quarter in the fall, winter and spring, an average of 20-plus classes are offered, ranging from art, music, and yoga to history, Shakespeare and science.  The instructors are men and women who have extensive experience in their respective fields, many being active or retired faculty from colleges and universities.  Funded through the Homeowners’ Association, classes are available at no or little extra charge to all residents.

Communiversity is an important and unique amenity of Providence Point and is often cited as the reason residents have chosen this community over other local facilities.

Click Here for:  Fall 2020 Communiversity Catalogue